Aiming for 9

'Aiming for 9' students are selected prior to arriving at Droylsden Academy as they have proved they are capable of the very highest standards of achievement in Mathematics and English. Students will be placed in our Excel Stream and have the highest expectations thrust upon them. The Aiming for 9 Group will continue the good work achieved at KS2 and build on the success in order to achieve the very highest grade at GCSE. The ebacc suite of qualifications is also central to this and all students will follow this academically rigorous pathway.

'Aiming for 9' students will have opportunity to a super curricular programme of study, in which they will produce a lengthy assignment which is graded on the university grid. This will be delivered by a PhD tutor in their field of research, which covers such areas as the Arts, Humanities and STEM. (see the Scholars Programme).

In addition to this the ‘Aiming for 9' Group will receive a specialist enrichment offer designed to cultivate their other talents and interests. For example, Master classes in computer coding, scientific food preparation, problem solving and German to mention a few. They will be entered into the prestigious United Kingdom Mathematics Trust Challenges and the Bronze and Silver Crest Awards for Science. Students will be encouraged to take an active role in the Debating Society and will have every available opportunity to experience life at top universities.

This is a robust, highly academic curriculum delivered through a comprehensive educational context and it incorporates students from all backgrounds.

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