American West Group visit

American West Group

Droylsden Academy hosted a ‘Practical Revision’ session by the American West group on Thursday 28th January. GCSE History students attended an after school revision session on the American West –a unit of their GCSE course.  The session began at around 3pm with Alan Blackfoot, introducing his family and Native American culture.

The session demonstrated Native American; songs, poems, dances, and beliefs to the students. Although topics covered by the American West were not necessarily part of the syllabus, students thoroughly gained a deeper understanding to Native American culture and life.  Artefacts, some of which dated hundreds of years old, were presented to students, the artefacts left students in a state of awe with the intricate detail and design embodied onto animal skins.


The 2 hour session was broken up by a 10 minute break in which students were able to talk with the group and ask questions. The event was thoroughly enjoyed by all and many of the students went home with a deeper, better and greater understanding of the American West and the Native American Indians

By Muhammed Ali (Year 11)

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