D6 Does London

D6 Does London

The majority of D6 went to London on the 16th November by rail from Manchester Piccadilly, all went well all the way through to London Euston Train Station, it was chock a block. When we got there we tubed it to Gloucester road, Kensington, Yes Kensington. After we checked in and dumped the bags, and went in the ASK Italian round the corner for a lovely meal. On the Saturday we got up early and went to the museums, a group of us went off the science and industry museum and the other group went off to the natural history museum. In the science museum was the Google web lab which allowed you to experiments with picture software and sand, we got given an experiment card so we can log on to the web lab at home on www.chromeweblab.com using the QR code on the card.

We all met up in the history museum and tubed it to the London eye for a whiz round that, whilst on the eye we saw, Big Ben, The house of parliament, Buckingham palace, Wembley stadium and a lot more. When we were off the wheel we went into the London 4D experience, where we were rained on, “fogged” and had bubbles fired at us. When we had done the 4D cinema, we hopped on the tube and went to possibly the busiest places I have ever been to, Oxford Street; some people went in Hamley's. We tubed it back to Kensington and got dressed in “smart” clothes for the show. When we got there, it turned out that it is at the Savoy Hotel, THE SAVOY HOTEL! One of, if not the poshest hotel in the country, the Savoy is the hotel that Stephen Fry is a poet in residence at, the show that Mr Davies booked for us was Cabaret, with Will Young it was quite a good show to be fair. After the show ate and headed back to the hotel, every one crashed out pretty much straight away.

The morning after we was all up early again , surprisingly, we all packed up and put our bags in the luggage stow and headed off the London dungeon which was beyond scary, we all got lost and separated in the mirror maze, I walked into myself a few times. Then we went through the prison but first a talking head sang us a gruesome song, the torturer locked Mr Mortimer in a cage the demonstrated where they used to stick the hooks to hang the bodies up. After that we went in the court room and the judge had Chris Mole in the dock and accused him of wearing a red dress blonde wig and lip stick, then the judge made him do the actions to go with is and asked for his plea, no doubt his plea was insane. We went on the water ride which got us all soaked, then we went in to Sweeney Todd's Barbershop, and though to jack the ripper which was the scariest because we was just talking to the woman and it went pitch black and a strobe light came on and he was there swinging a knife, Bernie and Dan shot across the room so fast. Then we all went on this ride that slowly lifted us all up, and then just literally dropped us, on the pictures at the end, we all looked terrified, we then went in the gift shop and chose the perfect gift for Mr Davies, a pinny and an oven mitt, which we presented to him the next day he was ever so please, and Mrs Rayner was overwhelmed by the bunch of flowers that she was given for organising such an amazing trip.

By Robert Ackers

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