Excel Stream

Students do not need to attend a single sex school, Free School or Grammar School if they are able.  Here at Droylsden Academy such students will be placed from Year 7 onwards in our Excel Stream, where they can expect:

  • academic rigour which accelerates progress and equips students with the courage to use the understanding they gain
  • a classroom culture which has supremely high expectations of students in terms of learning expectation and behaviour for learning
  • lessons which rapidly develop students’ oracy and rhetoric through extensive reading lists, extended  and creative writing with precision to express meaning and the opportunity to listen and present their ideas with courage, conviction and impact through skilful debate
  • to develop a life-long love of learning from lessons taught by academic specialists with a passion for their subject.
  • teaching that goes beyond the narrow confines of examination syllabuses, offering our students the best preparation for the very top universities, both in this country and abroad

This means they are still attending their local school in their local area but are receiving an unashamedly academic diet of subjects and academic grit.  For example, in mathematics last year 90% of our Excel Stream achieved A/A* and 76% achieved A/A* in English Literature. We offer opportunities for students to have their enquiring mind stimulated, question extensively, investigate and work independently with creativity. You will find all of this laid down in our Excel Charter.

Droylsden Academy - Excel Charter

An Excel Teacher Will Work to………

  • Provide typically good or better lessons with engaging tasks which accelerate progress and stretch and challenge for the more able students
  • Model the academy values of politeness, hard work and honesty at all times and engage in intelligent conversation with students
  • Maintain a classroom culture which has supremely high expectations of students in terms of learning expectation and behaviour for learning
  • Plan lessons which rapidly develop students’ speaking and presentational skills
  • Treat students as specialists in the subjects, by naming them as experts eg. mathematicians, artists and scientists
  • Provide incisive marking and first class feedback about what students can do to improve their knowledge, understanding and skills
  • Embed opportunities for students to question, work independently and use creativity
  • Set highly challenging homework that consolidates learning, deepens understanding and prepares students for work to come
  • Reward students who embrace the PRIDE ethos and work hard with badges of recognition for outstanding progress
  • Develop a culture of reading for pleasure and progress so that students read outside of the lessons.

An Excel Student Will …….

  • Always demonstrate the academy values of politeness, hard work and honesty
  • Respect the priorities and expectations in the classroom
  • Work hard to exceed your targets
  • Complete all work set to the highest possible standard
  • Keep trying even when the work is difficult
  • Display stunning behaviour for learning
  • Ask intelligent questions and understand that deep learning happens when we try different approaches and methods
  • Effectively use the marking and feedback provided to improve your work and to ask questions to develop your knowledge, understanding and skills.

Parents of Excel Students Will ……..

  • Understand that the academy has very high expectations of your child due to high prior attainment
  • Be aware of your child’s current and predicted levels of progress and achievement and support them in achieving the best possible outcome
  • Support your child in devoting quality time and effort to completing challenging homework
  • Support the values of the Academy in fostering politeness, hard work and honesty, so your child becomes a confident learner who demonstrates resilience, independence and excellence at all times
  • Attend all relevant information evenings and parent’s evenings.

The Department/Academy Will Work to…..

  • Provide high quality, academic enrichment opportunities for students to pursue learning outside the curriculum
  • Ensure schemes of learning have appropriate challenge and build on previous learning in order to maximise progress
  • Set students highly challenging targets (at 4 levels of progress or more and equivalent for years 7 -10)
  • Raise aspiration through students experiencing Level 3, post-16 progress routes
  • Ensure quality assurance processes are routinely carried out to check that quality of provision leads to the best possible student outcomes.
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