Oxford Y10 HPA Visit

Oxford HPA Visit

On Monday morning 30 of our brightest stars in Year 10 set off on a special trip to Oxford University. Mr Mortimer has maintained excellent links with Jesus College since he studied there and we were lucky enough to get accommodation for 30 lucky students to experience life in Oxford at the University.

Oxford Trip (25-06-14) (17) web.jpg

On arrival the students were treated to a welcome talk by university staff and undergraduates. They toured several colleges, visited the set of some Harry Potter scenes and saw the colleges where a number of Prime Ministers studied. 

Oxford Trip (25-06-14) (13) web.jpg

On Tuesday, following a hearty cooked breakfast, they visited the engineering faculty for talks and a tour of the robotics department. There they saw the Mars Rover, a car which drives itself and some robotic arms which fed biscuits to one lucky student. 

Oxford Trip (25-06-14) (28) web.jpg

All too soon it was time to depart for Droylsden and back to the Academy on Wednesday. Many of the students have now set their sights on a university place at Oxford and I’d like to thank them all for being such wonderful ambassadors for Droylsden Academy. 

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