Prefects Committee Update

Prefects Committee Update

Peer Mentors

The peer mentors committee consists of Daniel Bayes, Ria Evans, Kaitlin Mountfort and Charlie Colville-Mace. Currently on a Tuesday and Wednesday morning during form we are running the “toe by toe” scheme with year sevens to help improve their reading and general literacy skills.

Learning and Teaching

We met with Mr Mayell to discuss our ideas and plans for learning and teaching. We are working with him to improve Moodle and to see which ways of teaching work best for the teachers and also for the students to learn in ways that will benefit them and help them to achieve their target grades.

World Events Committee

Vanessa, Amy, Holleeann, Jack, Nathan and Mike

On the 6th December we held an exhibition called “Dare to walk the Path” in Idea to develop awareness of landmines and cluster bombs used in other parts of the world. 

We used shoes to represent lost limbs and encouraged students to sign a partition. We think that it was a success; as we raised awareness for most of the students in the school.

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