Prom Report

Prom Report

Prom Committee :-

Molly H, Sigourney W,  Ewan F, Calvin L & Charlotte B  

February 2014

We have decided to piece together a survey to get thoughts and opinions from pupils of how they would like their prom experience to be. The questions consist of topics such as music and theme; with the aim being to try and make our prom the best for everyone. Soon we plan to visit the venue to plan our decorations and get a better view of how the night will look.

January 2014

The prom committee are to discover the venue of the event within the coming weeks. We are also to send out an online survey to all year 11 students in order to develop an understanding as to the preferences of the majority. With the upcoming of prom we are to meet regularly with our newly-established link Mr Dixon to organise the event. 

December 2013

At the moment we haven’t managed to organise something regarding prom, because nothing has come up for us to do yet.

However, in the near future, we plan to organise an event with the sports and charity committee’s to raise money for prom kitty.

Also we are talking about going and visiting the venue to get a better idea of how and what we need to decorate the room and what kind of things to raise money for and hire/buy.