Science visit to CERN

Science visit to CERN

12 students from Year 11 travelled to Geneva on Monday 9th December 2013.

Staying in the local YHA they then visited the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN where they were able to see how the collider works, what work scientists do there, and what they hope to find out.

The guided visit took students from Switzerland over the border in to France to a detector called the LHCb where they met with scientists who explained how they were looking for the existence of antimatter and matter to explain the CP violation, and why we are made of matter and not antimatter. (I hope you understand that?!)

There was a guided tour of the UN and one of the first visits to the human rights conference hall since it was refurbished and paid for by the Spanish government. Here the students learnt about the work and organisation of the UN.

Other activates included ice skating on one of the outdoor temporary rinks, a tour the old city and cathedral, visit to the cinema to see The Hobbit and lunch with the science staff at CERN where they were able to discuss particle physics further with them.

The students had an amazing time and really enjoyed the trip, using Twitter and Ipads to blog about the visit. Head Girl Laine Callaghan said, ‘The trip to Geneva in Switzerland has been a great experience for all of us, not only did we experience a new culture but, for many of us, our opinions have changed regarding Physics. The four days were incredible and we could not have asked for more, although the fondue was……..interesting.

Full photo diary of the trip can be found at: CERN 2013 - Educational Science Residential Blog

Video Blog: Youtube Blog



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