Singin’ in the Rain

Singin’ in the Rain

We are pleased to announce that the next Droylsden Academy Production will be Singin’ in the Rain. The production will take place in December 2015; further ticket information will follow nearer the time.


Congratulations to all students who has been successful and Thank You to all students who applied for your professionalism during the audition process. 

The cast list is shown below:

Don Lockwood                Joseph Lewis                             Understudy  John Kinder

Kathy Seldon                   Molly Marshall-Hopkins           Understudy  Kelly Dalton

Lina Lamont                     Chloe Fraser                              Understudy  Katie Cross

Cosmo Brown                  Abi Bright                                   Understudy  Kieran Jarvis

R.F. Simpson                   John Kinder                                Understudy  Shauna Hunter

Roscoe Dexter                Katie Cross

Sid Phillips                        Kieran Jarvis                            

Zelda Zanders                  Kelly Dalton

Mary Margaret                 Megan Chambers

Olga Mara                          Tia Nash               

Dora Bailey                       Natalie Bayes                          Understudy  Meghan Harvey

Lead Dance Soloists      Madison Mellor

                                             Kelly Dalton

Young Don                         Daniel Waite

Young Cosmo                   Rebecca Roberts

Miss Dinsmore                 Natalie Bayes                          Understudy  Meghan Harvey

Production Singer           John Kinder

Rod                                     Dylan Woodier

Policeman                         Liam Cook

Lady in Waiting                Chloe Clark

Hairdresser                      Eirinn Hughes

Lady in Waiting 2             Chelsea Gibson

Dance Captain

Shannon Lilley

Madison Mellor

Lead Dance

Meghan Harvey

Anisha Joshi

Talia Mistry

Shauna Hunter

Mollie Bevan

Mia Oldham

Imogen Stone

Myah Mistry

Sophie Frampton-Day

Elle Baxendale

Leah Foley

Molly Crompton

Janay Bell

Mollie Frater

Rebecca Attwell

Chloe Clark

Alicia Fenton

Lead Vocal and Acting (secondary characters to be decided)

Keira Holland

Billie Quinn

Megan Chambers

Amy Harwood

Ellie Holt

Daisy Smithson

Tia Edmundson

Tsungai Zindoga

Libby Williams

Dance Chorus

Charlie McGann

Lorna Whewell

Bridget Joyce

Natalie Hall

Amy McBennett

Jordan Stringer

Demi Stringer

Melissa Larkin

Amber Gerrie

Leah Gregory

Georgia Hutchinson

Pearl Slate

Louise Shaw

Ashleigh Dilkes

Lillie Hampson (dance chorus)

Cassia Myers (dance chorus)

Devon Mulvey (dance chorus)

Sophie Fulton (dance chorus)

Chorus – Vocal and Acting

Chloe Paine

Jimmy North

Aulon Behrami

Abi Akinwande

Abbie McKenzie

Katie Howe



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