Start of term arrangements - Letter to Parents

Start of term arrangements - Letter to Parents 

Dear Parent/Carer

As the end of the summer holiday draws near, we look forward to welcoming your child back to the Academy for another busy and exciting year.

We have made a number of significant improvements in the Academy over the summer, all of which will result in improvements in the quality of teaching and learning and therefore in the progress and achievement of the students.

For the Academy to continue to improve, we must ensure that all students meet our very high expectations for standards and behaviour. Please remind yourself of some of our expectations to ensure a smooth start to the new academic year. 

Attendance and Punctuality – The link between attendance and achievement is proven. Your child must attend school every day and it is your responsibility to ensure that this happens. School begins at 8.25am although the building will be open to students from 7.30am and they will be able to take advantage everyday of our offer of free breakfast until 8.15am.

Uniform – students must attend the Academy in full school uniform worn correctly. We believe that dressing properly for school puts children in the right frame of mind for learning. We will insist that all students:

·         Wear full uniform correctly (this includes grey trousers or skirt, white shirt or blouse with tie worn correctly and Academy blazer)

·         Wear only black shoes (trainers, canvas pumps or boots are not allowed) Please note – Kickers shoes and ankle boots are acceptable as long as they are all black

·         Do not wear make-up or jewellery (this includes nail varnish, false nails or eyelashes, body piercings or facial piercings) only a wristwatch can be worn

·         Bring a suitable schoolbag each day

Very short hair is acceptable but extreme colours or street culture styles such as tram lines are not appropriate for a learning environment and will not be permitted.

If mobile phones or headphones are seen during the school day we will confiscate them and they will be returned in 1 week. They may be collected at any time after 3pm by a parent on appointment with a senior member of staff.


The start of term arrangements for September are as follows:

Wednesday 3rd September

Only Year 7 will be present on this day. Students must be in the Academy before 8.30am. The Academy will be open to students from 8am.

Thursday 4th September

All students in Years 8-11 should return on this day. Students should arrive before 8.25am and will not be permitted entry between 8.30 and 8.45am.

The Academy will finish at 2.35pm as usual on both days.

As we look forward to another new year I ask that you support us to help your child become the best student they can be. By working together and supporting one another we can give your child the best opportunities to be successful.

Please remember, parents are very welcome to chat about the education or welfare of children at any time.


Yours faithfully

Karl Mackey



Download a copy of the letter in PDF format here: Start of term arrangements - Letter to parents


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