Stroke Awareness Week

Stroke Awareness Week

Every school holds a fund raising event at some point during the school year. Some charities have a specific date to hold a nationwide event that encourages pupils to get involved, for instance Red Nose Day or Sport Relief, these events are held and novelty merchandise are sold for people to show their support to the charity. But when you fundraise for a charity that has little recognition and you take on the massive responsibility of organising an event for something that you truly care about and is close to your heart, to have the entire Academy involving themselves whether it be donating, selling cakes or simply wearing something purple to show their support was completely overwhelming.

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Last year, a very close relative of mine suffered a life changing stroke (a week before her Grandson was due to wed) after she refused to go to hospital having suffered a mini stroke a mere few weeks beforehand, having taken the advice of family and paramedics, this whole situation could have avoided. Unfortunately the stroke affected her quite seriously which has resulted in her moving into a care home as she’s unable to walk, get out of bed or sit in a chair unaided, she struggles with basic day to day tasks which we can sometimes take for granted. A stroke can happen to ANYONE at ANY TIME.

I soon realised that stroke wasn’t as recognised as other diseases and I wanted to raise awareness due to not many people know what a stroke is unless they’ve experienced it close to home and the term ‘stroke’ isn’t self-explanatory. 

I took it upon myself, with the help of Ms Sherlock and some of our fantastic Year 10s to organise a school based week of fundraising where we were going to raise the awareness of stroke as well as raising money to help fund future research for the Stroke Association.

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During the last week of half term (19th-23rd May) we hosted a variety of events including Karaoke, Year 11 Photo Booth, Cake Sale, ‘Wear it Purple’ day and Face Painting. We also had a number of prizes up for grabs from a raffle and students as well as staff could take a guess on how many sweets were in our sweet jar. During the week a number of fact sheets and a power point presentation were sent out to all year forms so awareness was raised every morning. Adverts for stroke were shown during dinner time so students were aware that it can happen at any time, how fast it can actually spread and what to do if they witness someone showing these signs.

As well as everything that was going on in school, a JustGiving page was also set up so family, friends and followers of the Academy’s twitter page could see what we were doing and donate to our cause. By the end of the week we had raised £151 alone on the JustGiving page after setting a target of £100! Thank you to everyone who donated via the page!

After having got off to a quiet start money raising wise at the beginning of the week, we soon started to collect donations from inside and outside of school. By Friday at 2.35pm we had raised a staggering £507.57 which brought our combined total with our JustGiving page to an amazing £658.57! What a brilliant effort!

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The main aim of this week was to help staff and students recognise the signs/symptoms of stroke, what factors can lead to a stroke and how to react as the faster their actions, the more of the person they save. We also raised a fantastic amount of money for a charity that I truly care about.

I can’t thank everyone enough for their kind donations and support for my first (of many) fundraising events. The support I was shown from the entire Academy over the week was amazing and it makes me proud to be a part of Droylsden Academy.

Special thanks to Ms Sherlock & all of our Year 10 form for their hard work over the week, the Year 10 girls who also sacrificed their break and dinner times to help sell raffle tickets, cakes and paint faces. Thank you to Mr Frater for the amount he raised just by selling stickers at his place of work. A massive thank you to Miss Cheek and Mr Wakefield for the fantastic posters that appeared on the screens around school and for their help throughout the week.

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Thank you to the Stroke Association who do an amazing job funding research, setting up groups for stroke survivors and just being someone to talk to when a stroke is experienced. I’m proud to have held this fund raising week for your charity and look forward to many more years of fund raising.

But the biggest thank you of all goes to everyone at the Academy and to all of the generous people that donated via the JustGiving page for helping to raise such a fantastic amount of money, I can’t describe how overwhelmed and proud I was Friday afternoon after I’d finished counting the donations! 

Written by Miss Frater

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