Students experience weekend residential at Model United Nations

Students experience weekend residential at Model United Nations

What happened at Model United Nations?

Model United Nations (also Model UN or MUN) is an academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate participants about current events, topics in International relations, diplomacy and the United Nations agenda. In basic words it is a place where many schools come together to debate about world issues.

Droylsden Academy represented Iraq and Cyprus at MUN‘13. Delegates had to create ‘Resolutions’, a document addressing world issues, and so a couple of resolutions were submitted by Droylsden Academy this year.

Topics at MUNCH13 were very intellectually challenging and stimulating. The level debate at MUNCH13 was exceptional; with topics ranging from the Legitimacy and Stability of governments after the Arab Spring to the right to Self Defence. With controversial topics on the board every delegate got stuck in!

The General Assembly played up to expectation, with the usual witty banter put in by some of the experienced delegates. The whole event was a great success!

Personal Experience: Elizabeth Le

MUNCH 13 was hosted at Cheadle Hulme Grammar. With many nationally renowned independent schools participating, Droylsden Academy was one of the only Academies present. I personally did not feel intimidated by other participants and felt proud to be representing Droylsden Academy in such a high profile event.

 I enjoyed it and this year turned out to be a great success as more people joined in. It took a lot of time and preparation but we got there eventually. A big thanks to: Mrs Warren, Miss Sinnott and Miss Willis who were all there to help and they gave up their free time to help and support us, also to the older students (Year 11) who joined in with MUN and British Parliamentary Debating, last year. Everyone was friendly and I think everyone overall enjoyed themselves. We went to MUN to debate with other schools. Debating is a good skill to have also it is great for CVs and finding jobs. The whole debating team put a lot of effort into preparing and I’m sure everyone had a great time at Cheadle Hulme. The part I enjoyed most was having a go at something new as well as spending time with friends doing the same thing! I am a shy person and when my friend (Basmah Ali) asked me to do it I was really nervous but somehow she persuaded me to do it and yes I did enjoy myself!

Many thanks to the teachers and students who helped with the organising and preparations. I have already mentioned that this year turned out to be and great success but we would like it if more people got involved! Mrs Warren and Miss Sinnott have also set up a Debating club. Contact either Mrs Warren or Miss Sinnott for more details. Another piece of good news is that older students from other schools have agreed to help us with our speaking and debating skills, I’m sure this will boost our debating skills! We really hope you join our debating club! It will boost your confidence and develop skills! The experience was great! You do have to be dedicated to excel in debating. You might think its lame but it will help you gain knowledge and experience and it will help you reach your goals if you have confidence in yourself and what you do!

Hope we see more of you in our debating club!

Article Written by: Basmah Ali, Elizabeth Le & Davina Mistry.

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