The Afternoon Tea Trip

The Afternoon Tea Trip 


We met up in Make at 11:25 and walked over to the tram stop on edge lane. The tram ride were pretty cool, when we got off the tram we walked over to the ‘City Cafe’ and went inside. 




When I got in I sat down at a table with my friends and ordered drinks. I had a traditional English ‘brew’. After a while we got our food; it looked like food that had been shrunk or something out of Alice and Wonderland which looked exotic. 




On the 3 plates stacked on one another were scones at the bottom with butter and jam. Some weird sandwiches were on the second plate. Then some heavenly cakes on the top plate; mmmmm my mouth watered with joy when I saw the waiter bring them out. 


Article by Reece Fletcher Year 9


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