Welcome to Droylsden

I am incredibly proud to lead a school which is home to so many fantastic young people. At Droylsden Academy, we believe that success should be measured by both grades and academic progress and by one's contribution to our community and wider society. The willingness and ability to learn, to lead, to participate and to serve are what enable a life to be both well-lived and worthwhile. As well as seeking to secure good academic progress for our learners, our purpose is to develop strong character traits in our students during their five years with us.

Our Executive Headteacher, Mr Drew Duncan (a National Leader of Education) works across both Droylsden Academy and Mossley Hollins High School (rated twice Ofsted Outstanding). Spending half the week in each school, his role has allowed us to establish extremely strong links with Mossley Hollins enabling excellent practice to be shared between the two schools.

At Droylsden Academy, our staff are driven by the belief that every child should go to a great school. We believe that every child can become a great learner through politeness, hard work and honesty.

At Droylsden Academy we aim to ensure that all of our young people become great learners by providing an effective education in an environment that is warm, friendly and caring. Working in the local community and within a strong partnership of local primary schools, Droylsden Academy aims to raise aspirations, expectations and achievement for all students and seeks to make a major contribution to the development of educational excellence in Tameside.

Life at secondary school should be an exciting opportunity - filled with adventure, where our students meet new people, learn new skills and develop and grow as young citizens. We are here to help, support and guide our students as they become great learners, celebrating their academic and personal successes with them along the way.

We do hope that you will be inspired by the superb learning environment we have at Droylsden Academy. Ours is a rapidly improving school with a growing reputation. It is a place where staff are proud to work and a school where our students are proud to belong. We look forward to working alongside you and your child in the coming years and beyond so that we can celebrate success with you.

Yours faithfully

Mr P Wilson

Droylsden Academy
Manor Road, Droylsden,
Manchester M43 6QD
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