World Challenge

The school is pleased to offer students the opportunity to complete international expeditions as part of the nationally recognised World Challenge Programme. Past international expeditions that our students have taken part in include India, Thailand and Cambodia.

Expeditions last up to 4 weeks and place students in developing countries. The World Challenge Programme involves 15 to 20 months of preparation. This preparation will allow students to train in the necessary skills that will be required during their fully immersive and intense expedition in the developing world. In addition, students will be offered support to enable them to raise money to fund the costs of these trips of a lifetime.

The build-up phase includes several meetings with the team facilitated by World Challenge - these include; the 'Launch Meeting' where students learn about money management, fundraising, their destination, and are able to get to know each other in team building exercises. An 'Itinerary Planning Meeting' will allow students to design and plan their expedition- this allows for each expedition to be tailored to the goals of the team as the time spent in each phase is decided by the team, for example, would students like to focus on overcoming personal goals whilst on a longer more physically challenging trek or have a bigger impact on a local developing community during a project phase? The session ends with a parents update evening- delivered by the students.

Challengers then complete a two-day, one-night training expedition in the UK which is designed to give participants an insight to life on expedition whilst learning about the responsibilities that the team will hold on expedition and an introduction to the good decision-making skills of which are crucially important on expedition.

Most expeditions are split into 4 phases:


This is designed to ease challengers into their destination country and involves an 'acclimatisation trek' which is to ensure challengers are used to the rigours of trekking within that country. Which may include hot or cold temperatures and/or high altitudes.

Main Trek:

The challengers trek for an extended period (up to 2 weeks) in more remote areas. This pushes challengers to their limits as some of the areas are highly demanding both physically and mentally, but in most cases this is rewarded by exploring areas that few people have ever seen.

Community Project:

Challengers spend time working in a local community, taking part in conservation, construction and other charitable projects. This is thought to be one of the most rewarding parts of the expeditions as challengers may make a real difference.

Rest and Relaxation:

The challengers experience some of the adventure sports and activities the country has to offer, relax after the rigours of their exhibition. Activities include white water rafting, diving and visiting famous attractions.


Each student team travels with at least one Teacher (School Leader) and an Expedition Leader. All Expedition Leaders and Assistants have to meet strict criteria on the experience and qualifications they hold. These are also set out as part of the British Standard 8848 and the Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge, both of which World Challenge hold.

Life on the expedition will place students in situations that cannot be replicated in the classroom, thus providing them with opportunities to develop skills that will be valuable to them in many areas of their lives. They will be able to contribute to very rewarding and important community and wildlife projects that will allow them to take on new challenges and gain a better understanding of what they can achieve individually and in a team.

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