Year 11 Prom

Year 11 Prom

In order to attend this years prom students are required to meet a list of expectations.

Between Monday 17th March - 12th May 2014.

1.     Attendance must be at least 95%, except in exceptional circumstances.

2.     Lates will also be looked at

3.     Must have more positive than negative SIMS comments

4.     No Fixed Term Exclusions

5.     No Referrals to The Bridge (isolation)

6.     Attendance and behaviour in all examinations must be exemplary

7.     No ongoing uniform issues

8.     Behavioural incidents throughout the year and after the 12th May will also be taken in to consideration when deciding the guest list.

9.     Mr Mackey’s decision is final

The full cost of the prom will be £30. 5 lucky students can win a free ticket in a draw if they achieve all the criteria’s above.

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