Year 7 trip to Skipton Castle

Year 7 trip to Skipton Castle


We arrived at Skipton Castle, and we were told about the history of the castle. The castle was built in 1090 and is presently owned by Lord Clifford and his family.


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The tour guide explained to us how they used to lure enemies into the castle. The process involved opening one of the doors of the castle, so that they came charging in and then closing the other door so they were trapped in the grounds.

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We went from room to room of the castle, each room was of different size and shape but all striped to the bare bones of how they used to look. We looked at some huge fire places! They were used for roasting very large animals on a spit, they would use children to turn the spit however they were likely to be burnt in the process.

Our tour guide told us that Lord Clifford and his family are living in the tudor wing of the castle.

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The tour guide showed us the Conduit Courtyard where in 1659 a tree was planted in the middle which remains to this day. Lady Anne Clifford was born and raised in the castle and planted the tree as well as engraving the wall with the date of planting. From there she went on to restore the castle after it was partially destroyed in the Civil War.

Many battle’s took place at Skipton Castle and it has taken years to restore it to its rightful glory.  


Nathan McConnell

Year 7

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