Our Aims

Great Learning – Politeness, Hard Work and Honesty

Achieving good results in public examinations increases one’s options in life. We aim to provide our students with the opportunities to perform to their potential, thereby increasing their educational and career opportunities. Great learning is underpinned by our values, which inspire all of us to try harder as individuals, so that collectively we thrive.

Strong Character Development – Learning, Leading, Participating, Serving

We work to ensure that our young people mature into positive citizens. We enable our students to develop their talents, skills and values to be a good influence in their communities and wider society. Not all students can be Prime Ministers or Managing Directors of global companies but each, in their own fashion, can make a positive contribution. To develop a strong character, our students are encouraged to adopt a robust moral code and to embrace wholeheartedly all that life at Droylsden Academy has to offer. Our busy, structured and purposeful school aims to produce young citizens who are confident, creative and team players – in the classroom or the local community.

First Class Learning Environment and Experiences – Traditional values in a modern and innovative setting

Our exceptional building sets us apart. Whilst Droylsden Academy is built on the traditional core values of politeness, hard work and honesty, at its heart is a modern learning environment, state of the art facilities and a hunger for innovation. As our learners needs develop, so too does the organisation that surrounds them. We have recently invested heavily in major building improvements and our students enjoy first class sports, performance and learning facilities. This should give you a sense of what makes Droylsden Academy distinctive – a modern educational establishment with traditional values in which it is a delight to work and which I hope you will wish to learn more about.