The Library

The Library is at the heart of the school.  It has a large collection of fantastic fiction books suitable for readers of all levels – from the most reluctant to the most avid. 

The non-fiction section is continually growing  to ensure that the resources it contains are relevant to the needs of the current curriculum.  This means that the quality of the information is the best available and students are well equipped to complete homework and class research projects.  We are currently updating our online resources to ensure that all students are equipped with the information literacy skills required for the technological age in which we live.

Teachers can book the Library to work with their students as a whole class or in small groups.  The Librarian offers an Induction programme to the new Year 7 cohort at the beginning of their Academy career, which the students attend during their English lessons.  Classes are also invited during the year to take part in Literacy Activities and reading lessons.

The Library houses all current GCSE study guides as well as a wide variety of resources for them to practise their exam techniques.  There is also a collection of college and university prospectuses.  The Library also acts as the Careers Hub with an ever-growing range of resources to help all students make the most informed choices regarding their future career paths.  

The Library aims to be

  • A calm, creative and inspiring learning space
  • A place to work quietly
  • A place to read for pleasure
  • A space to relax and prepare for the day


Students can loan up to 2 books at any one time for 3 weeks. The books can be renewed twice before they need returning.  There is also a request service for books that are not on the shelves.

Student Librarians

There are a number of students from all year groups who volunteer in the library.  They help the Librarian outside of lesson time to run the library smoothly.  They are hand-picked after a rigorous selection procedure to maintain the high standards of the Library. They are trained following the School Library Association Pupil Librarian Training Programme and they are encouraged to continue training to reach the standards necessary for the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum awards before they leave in Year 11. This training helps students to develop key employability skills such as problem solving, leadership, teamwork as well as increasing self-esteem and confidence.

Reading Groups

The Librarian is looking forward to reintroducing the KS3 Reading Group, Greedy Readers. The group will not only enjoy reading together but also participate in many activities and workshops. These will involve trips to local public libraries, writing newspaper reports, preparing speeches and  making book trailers for titles read within the group.

There will also be the reintroduction of The Read and Share Scheme – The Wondrous Book Club. A scheme where the Librarian carefully curates a selection of books to share among  Y5 students within the Droylsden Schools’  Partnership. This scheme encourages reading for pleasure and supports the T.R.E.T Power of Language strategies.