Modern Foreign Languages

Mr Bambridge – Head of Faculty
Miss Preston – Associate Head of Faculty

Mrs K Carroll (MFL teacher)
Mr Frost- Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages/Head of Year 10

Students will study either Spanish or French throughout Key Stage 3. The curriculum focuses on the development of students’ skills in the areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing. The study of Modern Foreign Languages will enable students to learn about the countries and cultures linked with the language of study, and develop students’ knowledge and understanding of grammar and language development. The Key Stage 3 curriculum prepares learners with a sound base of knowledge in order to enable them to develop the skills needed at Key Stage 4 to complete a GCSE in a language.

Key Stage 3

Students will study the following themes:

Year 7

  • Introductions
  • School
  • Free Time
  • Where I live

Year 8

  • Relationships and Routine
  • Home Town
  • Holidays 
  • Future Aspirations

Year 9 French

  • Relationships and Routine
  • Home Town
  • Holidays 
  • Future Aspirations

Year 9 Spanish

  • Holidays
  • School 
  • Who am I?

Key Stage 4

At GCSE students will study either Spanish or French following the Edexcel Specification. An outline of the course is shown below and full details/support materials can be found on the Edexcel website.

The specification consists of four units, as follows:

  • Unit 1: Listening and understanding
  • Unit 2: Speaking
  • Unit 3: Reading and understanding
  • Unit 4: Writing

Students will be assessed in each of these skills at the end of Year 11.
The themes covered over the 2 year course are:

  • Local area, holiday and travel
  • School
  • Identity and Culture
  • Future aspirations, study and work
  • International and Global dimension

Throughout the course students develop their understanding of these themes, the new language and develop their grammatical understanding. They also acquire a perspective on life in different countries, enhancing their cultural understanding of the outside world.

Exam Board Specifications:

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