Our Curriculum

Our curriculum aims to:

1. Build Knowledge, Skills & Understanding 

a) Teach students the key, deep and rich knowledge, understanding and skills needed for success and happiness at school, higher education and in life;

b) Sequence and structure this learning coherently and intelligently so that students are able to remember and draw upon an ever-increasing bank of knowledge and skills;

c) Provide ambitious challenge for all, adapting where necessary to allow all students to learn and thrive.

2. Develop Literacy & Numeracy 

Ensure confident and fluent proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and numeracy.

3. Establish the Value of Each Subject to the Person, the World of Work & Society

a) Equip students with the knowledge, opportunities and experiences to make informed and ambitious choices about their future, enabling them to flourish in and make a valuable contribution to society;

b) Develop students’ character, values and sense of morality by shaping their ability to learn, serve, lead and participate in school, the community and global society;

c) Explore the ethical, cultural and moral dimensions of learning and develop a deep understanding of contemporary issues and challenges.

We aim to instil great learning habits and develop the key character traits of learning, participation, leadership and service.

Learning – The Academic 

As well as helping students gain admission to the top colleges and universities, the academic life at Droylsden Academy encourages scholarship, intellectual curiosity, and independent thought. The Droylsden Way encourages students to quickly develop great learning habits through clear classroom routines and expectations. We offer a coherent and balanced curriculum that responds quickly to changing requirements, as well as an enrichment offer that widens and develops knowledge and understanding. 

Participation – The Arts

Engagement with the creative and performing arts teaches our students to be more self-disciplined, attentive and better at organising their lives. Through the arts, students find their own voice, the confidence to express their individual creativity, and a connection with the most enduring and significant elements of our cultural past.

Participation – Sport

Participation in sport helps our students to grow, learn and enjoy themselves, while nurturing their personal, physical and intellectual skills, and developing healthy minds and bodies. The value of being outside, expending energy and participating in teams is well recognised: through sport, our students learn about teamwork and leadership, and how to conduct themselves with integrity. The health and social benefits also remain with them long after school.

Leadership and Service

Our students experience a wealth of opportunities to develop as  leaders throughout their school career by helping to run extra-curricular programmes, by having a position of responsibility, and by carrying out their duties. All of these activities have service at their core. Our students are encouraged to serve their community rather than being rewarded by it.