The House System

The House System is intertwined with our 4 Character Pillars and its primary aims are:

  • broadening the opportunities for students to participate, particularly beyond the classroom
  • providing/creating greater opportunities for Student Leadership
  • providing opportunities for students to serve through charity work
  • ensuring that the 4 Character Pillars become common vernacular of the Academy

 With these aims in mind each House has the following 5 objectives, to:

  • Provide our students with a broad and balanced education by encouraging participation in many learning areas
  • Encourage and enable students to recognise and value their gifts and talents and to develop these in appropriate ways
  • Build healthy competition and resilience. The aim is for students to take an active part of all that the Academy can offer, including enrichment and extra-curricular events
  • Actively seek opportunities for students to acquire cultural capital (that is, experience of cultural events which will broaden their life experiences)
  • Inspire students, staff and the wider community

Each of the four Houses have a staff House Leaders plus a number of student House Captains. There are three senior student positions within each House who are supported by Form and Vice Captains.

Each tutorial in Years 7 to 10 is attached to a House. Year 11 take less of a part in the system but remain as House Alumni. All staff members are assigned to a House.

Students are awarded House Points for activities in school, which  include numerous inter-house competitions, extra-curricular activities and the upholding of the four Character Pillars of Learning, Service, Leadership and Participation.

The Four Houses

The town and community of Droylsden has a long history of being industrious and having a commitment to achieving success through hard work and perseverance. It is no surprise that the town’s motto is ‘By Concord and Industry’. The town of Droylsden grew rapidly during the Industrial Revolution, due in part to the construction of large factories and cotton mills. Labour investors from the surrounding areas helped to increase the population. The mills of Droylsden were instrumental in turning a small farming community into the town we know today

One of Droylsden Academy’s key values is ‘Hard Work’. We felt it was important to tie the values of the school to the history of the town and its present community. The Houses are therefore named after four of the town’s factories.