Extra-Curricular Clubs and Societies at Droylsden Academy (2022-23)

“From Army Cadets to origami, Football Clubs to Debating Unions, Sonic Screen to Boardgames, there really is something for everyone!

At Droylsden Academy we understand the importance of developing a well rounded character. We encourage students to build on their extra-curricular skills and discover new ones.  Students in Year 7 attend mandatory electives each week focusing on the arts,sports and outdoor education. All staff encourage students to attend clubs, events and challenges that develop a student’s character. 

The expectation is that students in Year 7 engage in a  minimum of 5 hours of extra-curricular opportunities within an academic year, and students  in Year 8-10 engage in a minimum of 10 hours of extra curricular activities within an academic year. Students are awarded House Points for every opportunity they attend, which results in one of the four houses being awarded the House shield at the end of the academic year.

Staff work hard to provide as many events that give students access to cultural capital such as : 

Pi Day


World Book Day/Week

Charity Fundraising

Whole School Productions  

Language Trips- Madrid 

Please enjoy looking through the wide offer that we have for students at the Academy. If in the unlikely event there is nothing in this booklet that interests you, please speak to your House Leaders and let us know. We may be able to offer it! houseleaders@droylsdenacademy.com

Extra-Curricular Clubs and Societies at Droylsden Academy (…