Parent Pledge

Support and Catch-up strategy –

We conduct robust and accurate assessments of students without over-assessing.  There is an assessment calendar that identifies 3 formal assessments a year.  This is supported by informal, continuous assessment in lessons.  This is planned into each lesson which allows teachers to identify issues without waiting for formal exams and tests to take place.

These regular formal and informal assessments help teachers to identify gaps in students learning whether this is from absence due to covid, impact of school lockdowns or other learning issues.  This information is tracked by subject leaders and support devised either from class teachers or school-based tutors.

In addition to the support provided as outlined above in English and maths across all year groups we also support students in other subjects through the use of school-led tutoring and students are identified in similar ways to English and Maths.

There is specific support for Year 7 and 8 students who need additional help in literacy and numeracy.  These sessions occur after school to ensure they can access the full curriculum.

To ensure Year 11 are fully supported in the year leading up to their final exams we also provide the following.

-Holiday revision sessions

-Timetabled period 7 for all year 11 in all subjects

Tutorial/registration delivered by English, Maths and Science teachers ensure every minute is used

-1-2-1 tutoring

-Additional timetabled Maths and English lessons for those students requiring support to reach the standard grade