Personal Development

We recognise that Droylsden Academy is a dynamic environment but we work hard to create respect and tolerance in all of our young people. This is underpinned by the work we do with regard to bullying. Anti-bullying issues are addressed through our SMSC programme, assemblies, tutor time, National anti-bullying week and the curriculum. Pastoral logs indicate the number of bullying and racist incidents is low. When bullying does occur, it is taken very seriously and our policy is followed.

There is a balance between giving support and structure and allowing pupils to take responsibility and make their own decisions as there is in any family. Pupils must own their behaviour and recognise that they cannot impede the learning of others. The behaviour policy is promoted and adhered to across the academy. It must be respected by all students, staff and parents.

There are many opportunities available to pupils to show their care and compassion for others through the charity fundraising and opportunities within the character pillars. The academy promotes the Duke of Edinburgh and Princes Trust awards. There are bespoke opportunities in all years to develop character so that all of our students can develop.