Ofsted Reports


What is the purpose of school Ofsted inspections?

The inspection of a school provides an independent external evaluation of its effectiveness and a diagnosis of what it should do to improve. It is based on a range of evidence available to inspectors that is evaluated against a national framework.

Ofsted’s inspections of schools perform three essential functions. They:Provide parents/carers with an expert and independent assessment of how well a school is performing, and help inform those who are choosing a school for their child

Provide information to the Secretary of State for Education and to Parliament about the work of schools and the extent to which an acceptable standard of education is being provided. This provides assurance that minimum standards are being met, provides confidence in the use of public money and assists accountability, as well as indicating where improvements are needed

Promote the improvement of individual schools and the education system as a whole.

Overall effectiveness = Good

  • Effectiveness of leadership and management = Good
  • Quality of teaching, learning and assessment = Good
  • Personal development, behaviour and welfare = Good
  • Outcomes for pupils = Good

Her Majesty’s Inspector (HMI) reported that:

“Staff, pupils and parents are fulsome in their praise for the good quality education that the school provides”

“Pupils achieve well because leaders at all levels have high expectations and lead by example”

“The school’s core values of politeness, hard work and honesty are in abundance”

“The quality of teaching is good. It is typically interesting, engaging and suitably challenging for the range of abilities”

“Pupils are interested in their learning because teachers have excellent subject knowledge and plan carefully….. teachers quickly set the tone for learning which helps pupils focus and be successful learners”

“Pupils make good progress across a range of subjects including English and Mathematics”

“The most able pupils are well challenged in their learning. The “Excel” curriculum allows them to make rapid gains in learning”

“Pupils behave well. They are proud of their school and take on leadership roles readily”

“The behaviour of pupils is good. They are typically polite, well-mannered and considerate towards each other”

“Pupils behave well in lessons, they show respect to teachers and each other”

“There are effective systems to manage behaviour. Bullying is rare”

“Governors offer robust support and challenge to do their best for the pupils that they serve”