IT Resource Bookings

Booking Chromebook Trolleys or any ICT equipment can be done via the support desk:

Please include;

  • The date
  • Which period(s) you wish to book
  • Which room you will be in
  • please specify if you need headphones

If your plans change please let us know so we can reallocate the equipment.

  • Please send two students to collect the chromebook trolley. First, they will need to collect the key from the Server Room. Please make sure they know which key and trolley they are collecting and remind them to unplug the trolley before moving it. 
  • After the lesson, all chromebooks must be plugged back in (there will be no lose wires) and two students must be sent to return the key to the Server Room and the chromebooks to the location stated on the booking confirmation email. Please remind the students to plug the trolley back in when they return it.
  • Please ensure trolleys/equipment are returned to their rightful place before the end of the lesson as the late return of equipment has a knock-on effect on bookings and disrupts learning.

Below is our current bookings, use this to check for availability.

Upstairs Trolleys

Downstairs Trolleys

*For health and safety reasons, Trolley 2 must not be moved by students.

**Trolleys must not be moved between floors.