Newsflash – Friday 27th September 2019


Open Evening

The Academy held its annual Open Evening this week when families of prospective Year 7 students could visit our school, meet staff and students and find out a little bit more about us. Photographs and a report on this important event in our calendar will appear in next week’s Newsflash.

The ‘Greenpower’ Project

Last term, a group of students designed and built a ‘green’ solar powered go-cart as part of the ‘Greenpower’ Project. The students spent two days on the ‘design and build’ part of the project at Tameside College and this week they attended the ‘Greenpower Challenge’ at Aintree, in Liverpool, where they had the opportunity to race their go-cart against other schools, colleges and universities from across the country. We think there were around 40 competitors altogether and that we were about 19th overall! A little vague perhaps but we’ll settle for a top half of the Leader board finish!